Application and Agreement for Natural Gas Service

Please Note: (Choose Natural Gas & Sewer Services Account if you need Natural Gas. If you do not need gas, select the Sewer Services Only form). Either account also includes fees for law enforcement and garbage collection.

The applicant agrees that the following shall be conditions precedent to the furnishing of gas service by the City of Donaldsonville.

The applicant agrees to make a deposit of $150 (Residential) / $225 (Commercial), which shall make the applicant bound by, and obligates the applicant to observe all of the rules and regulations that are now and may hereafter be prescribed by the City of Donaldsonville relative to gas service, including the time method and manner of installing and maintaining equipment, payment of bills, discontinuance of service, etc. This deposit will be retained by the City of Donaldsonville as a meter deposit until such time that services are discontinued. A 10% penalty will be added to all bills if not paid by the 10th of the month following date of issue of bill. All bills for service, as well as all service charges or penalties that are now or may hereafter be prescribed by the City of Donaldsonville in its gas service regulations, shall have been promptly paid.

A $25 reconnect charge shall be charged if bills are not paid. The City of Donaldsonville shall have the right to enter upon the premises at any reasonable time for the purpose of servicing its equipment, reading meters, discontinuing service, or for any other reason necessary and incidental to the conduct of its business as a gas distributor.

The City of Donaldsonville shall install at its own cost meters and regulators necessary for the furnishing of gas service.

A copy of a valid picture ID, a copy of a formal bill of sale or signed and executed lease is required in addition to the applicable payment in the form of money order. Bill of sale or signed and executed lease, photo ID copy, and deposit may be mailed to PO Box 470, Donaldsonville, LA 70346 or dropped in the overnight box.

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The undersigned hereby applies to the CITY OF DONALDSONVILLE, Louisiana, for natural gas service at the premises designated above and agrees to take and pay for gas at such rates as may be now or hereafter fixed by the City of Donaldsonville for the aforesaid class of service. (Copy of current rates and regulations are available upon request.)
Attach bill of sale or signed and executed lease, a picture of your photo ID, and a copy of your executed money order made payable to the City of Donaldsonville to expedite service.
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